Thursday, February 25, 2016

Natasha Advani - Internationally certified Trainer and Coach

Q1. How did my Career journey start?What inspired you to start business/entrepreneurship?

When I was 7 years old I lost my Mom of cancer .I used to feel very low and was an introvert.

I guess I was too young to understand that that life is immortal we never die and it’s just the body dies.

Life went on as usual school college and then working also I had lot many problems people are there just to put you down and also . I lost someone recently very close of cancer again. I had gone through a turmoil personally and professionally then someone told me just attend a workshop maybe u will feel better.

That workshop had certain techniques that’s the first time I experienced my journey within I felt as if a lot of emotional baggage of the past I was carrying was removed. I felt peace of mind after so many years.I wanted to explore more with the techniques.

I realized finally happiness is within and you have to be happy first with yourself.

From that day I decided i will learn various techniques to make people happy through my workshop help them overcome their problems issues health business.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your business, products and services here.

I’am Natasha Advani Internationally certified Trainer and Coach. I am an NLP Practitioner, Access bar facilitator, Access body processor. It is important for me that my participants explore various techniques and indulge in their journey within and be high on energy.

It is important to be balanced in mind body soul .

For this we conduct various experimental activities due to which we explore their inner thoughts and evolve on their own .We create an awareness level to the participants as ensure that they learn from each other and make them also realize nothing is impossible they can overcome and discover their own weaknesses and improvise on them by certain tools and techniques given to them.

Inner techniques and experimental learning being my expertise and saying any form of mantra that stops negativity of the mind  (since childhood my interest has been in it )We offer dedicated seminars Access bars, Communication, time management and many more.

We ensure giving simple examples of sports, psychology, spiritual quotes how they can improve their life.

Our workshop Mission is to THINK EXTRAORDINARY and Achieve the Impossible .

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting and doing business?

The biggest challenge I face was to convince people around me my family members.

It was a challenge to take the first step over as a salaried person there is a constant income In business its different . Also I had lost someone very close to me of cancer.

Both personally and professionally I was devastated as it was a big decision to make. There was a lot of struggle from within with what I was doing what my heart wanted to do?It was a fight between what I was doing (mind) and what I wanted to do (heart)  But once I took a decision there was no looking back No one really supported me as I had found the strength through my mantras and meditation and belief in myself.

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business.

When I started I got immediate assignments as a Trainer I got good feedback for my work.
But assignment were not on regular basis .I was not ready to work for peanuts .As I wanted to become a billionaire you have to be paid what you are worth  and I knew my work was awesome I had to paid  accordingly to what I deliver.

Also emotionally I was very broken from inside I started listening lot of audios from various trainer and also did meditations and inner work to cope with it .I also did various kinds of Meditations dance meditation natraj. I realized mediation is being in present not thinking of the present or future Meditation can also be what you like it could be painting, dancing, reading.

I found a lot of peace within myself. I realized if I can overcome such a turmoil in my life I realized I wanted to help other people overcome their problems and issues  by using my tools and techniques.

Then I prepared modules attended various training programs how to deliver my training in a simple and fun way in which people could understand and apply in their life.

Then I also started learning the Art of facilitation where I realized experimental learning people learn a lot more than training and started putting that in my workshops.This is changed my delivery style and I started getting more workshops.

After this entire experience of self introspection I used my network to get me some training appointments by the grace of god and the person who has passed away who I was so close to I am sure his blessings have also helped me to get more work.

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after discovery period?

Once I discovered my USP my facilitation,Access bars few inner techniques the journey was then easy for me.I used my network to get me introduced to companies and their companies and L&D Department “I Practice SGI sensei says a change in a single individual can change the destiny of mankind. A girl who felt so helpless void in her life literally felt life had come to an end for me after losing 2 of the closest people in my life has come back in full force and will help as many people as possible thorough my workshops coaching .

I also got rejected by Corporate companies before I started regular work but didn’t get disheartened as whenever i am faced with a challenging situation in my life I just look back my life and say Natasha you have overcome so much pain this is nothing and I give myself a boost and get back with fresh determination.

Many people told me to get back to a job its better its constant income and I said nope determine to be the best trainer in the World and help people that was my determination.

Q6. What are your future plan  plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years.

I visualize my self global speaker next 2 years.

Q7. How would you advice suggest new entrepreneurs who want to start sustain in business?

Introspect, plan execute, perseverance, consistency, ethics, dream, hardwork, humility, determination, desire, passion.

And belief that everyone will be successful

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