Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jatin Bharmani - Founder of Manpower Consultancy Opteemize

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

After working for 10 years with Corporates, I realized, enough has been learnt, in terms of functioning of Corporate and start on my own in a small way. I guess it was also innate to start business, as my father too owns and runs a shop since 60s and is still running. Also, which employee, on earth, would not want freedom - to spend their day at own wish, from unnecessary brickbats from reporting seniors and the list goes on. The same applies to me as a human being.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Business, products and services here.

I run a Manpower Consultancy firm since 2010 by the name of Opteemize catering only to
MVAS / Digital / IT companies, across levels and functions pan India.

Recently, I have also started with Brain Mapping, which is scientifically researched &
proven, over years, and has been affiliated by American Psychological Association. It helps an individual to know about his Personality profile, innate strengths and weaknesses, left or right brain dominance and suitable career options. By capturing tips of the fingerprints in a biometric machine it helps to identify the ability of brain lobes and innate potentials of an individual. Age is not a limiting factor and can be done even of a one month old baby. It’s a 30 page exhaustive report and an individual is counselled for 45 mins. by a trained counselor.

It is amazing to know self or your child in such a simple and easy manner.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

The basic challenge, which is true for major start ups, is finance (among various other challenges) and I was too not immune to it. I always say, ‘that employees get their salary on 1st and employers have to pay the salaries on 1st’. It is the only factor which stops any employee to start on his own. What would happen in terms of profits or losses later is the next stage, but even to simply start on our own remains a dream, as any employee is caught in the vicious cycle of salaries on 1st and repaying EMIs.

When I started I was lucky enough to get business relatively easily, due to my network and healthy relationships with people in the Corporate world. A friend of mine, Barin Mukherjee, once explained me that one who has failed in business is the one who has stopped doing business. Keeping this in mind though I came across struggles I kept myself motivated and kept my business up and running which helped me sail through.

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business?

It has been surveyed that 90% of the businesses shut down in its first year of operations. As an entrepreneur, you are required to wear multiple hats to face and solve difficulties head on.

Sluggish times taught me to keep patience, increased my convincing abilities and forced me to think beyond to bring down operational expenses and increase revenues at minimal operational overheads, with minimum and right set of team members.  

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

With right team in place, I now delegate and manage work in a macro manner and do not get in to day to day operational activities. I now follow work from home policy for my team which has helped me bring down operational overheads to minimal. I give them freedom to perform and they are doing wonders! In the quest to do something more, and break from routine, I wrote a pocketbook titled “humanshastrra” which has been published this year (2014).

Q6. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

While my current businesses would run and expand steadily, I have always had a quest to do something which I haven’t done earlier. I would get into Training people in functional HR, Psychometrics. While I cannot divulge any details here, I plan to come up with a platform for people, for their benefits, in the near future, which probably is not here in India.

Q7. How would you advice/suggest new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in business?

While managing finance remains the basic foundation, it is not the only factor which would bring success. The other factors are –
  1. Learn to work in a team.
  2. Listen to your team members
  3. Be empathetic towards others
  4. There are no shortcuts to success
  5. Think twice before deciding on anything especially the extremes which would involve you, your business and others related to your business.
  6. Be true to yourself and what you undertake
  7. Never cheat anybody; it would give you only temporary relief. In the long run, you would suffer.
  8. Remain humble and grounded. (Anyways, while facing difficult times, you would acquire these qualities.....:))
  9. Stick to your goals (though it may change to a certain degree over a period of time) and do not give up. Keep patience and work towards it.
  10. Advise or help others in any ways you can, selflessly, as you would want others to help you.
  11. Celebrate your competitor’s success too whole heartedly.
  12. Compare yourself with your current and your past and not with others around.
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