Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ritu Advani - CEO & Chief Facilitator of Ritu Advani’s Training Systems

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

My career journey has been interesting and exciting.. I have worked as a Banker, Travel Agent and Consultant, Restaurateur, Interior & Environment Designer. I enjoyed all the mentioned careers. In due respect to time and circumstances, I continued to change, learn and evolve with new knowledge. Basically I love to learn and share. Whilst I was in the midst of my Interior

Designing career, my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my daughter faced Learning Disabilities with an IQ of 128. So I will say they were my inspiration to learn Mind Mapping.

When Tony Buzan (inventor of Mind Mapping) came to Mumbai, I heard him talk on Mind Mapping. This is where I got my answer for my new journey. - Mind Mapping is the answer for a lot of all issues to be dealth with in today’s times..

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Business, products and services here. 

Mind Mapping is a Fun, Easy, Effective, Thinking tool. Mind Mapping is regarded as “Flowers of Intelligence” and “Swiss Army Knife of the Brain” It has been globally acknowledged by companies, universities and schools.

I teach, train, consult, Communication Clarity, Focus, Concentration, Memory Recall, Planning, and Creativity. I teach Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Students, Individuals with Mind mapping as their core subject and then customize in the areas of their requirement.

e.g. Study Skills, Leadership skills, Strategic Planning, Management, Negotiation Skills, Communication Clarity, Brainstorming.,

In this day of “Information Overload” Clients can manage their time effectively by Mind Mapping.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

Mind Mapping is fairly new to India.. Bringing a new method to work with takes a long time to convince them that Mind Mapping would make things easier for them to work with. Of course, the various cultures, languages , thought patterns all play a role in trying to change persons / corporate to form a single new method of working..

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business?

I was / am stubborn and persistent in what I believe. So I jumped over hurdles of convincing and dealing with different cultures and thought patterns in India.

Belief, passion in the product and persistence are important. I have those qualities to pursue.

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

The clients who have trained for Mind Mapping have shared positive feedbacks on the subject.

I continue to persist, evolve, create and convince people of my products constantly..

Q6. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

I am in the midst of writing a be released soon. .

I shall l continue teaching, training and consulting Mind Mapping to Business Groups.

Teach Mind Mapping to Students, Teachers Individuals along with the subject matter of their choice and requirement.. Mind Mapping is crucial for Students who have to face Learning Disabilities Teach students to plan, organize their studies, have better communication clarity I have trained as a counselor Dr. Robert Car huff’s theory that would help better understand the parents, students, teenagers, and deal with their problems and shortcomings in order to overcome them for a more effective performance.. I plan to counsel the youth towards their future, enhance their creativity. Counsel adults, parents, women, to develop their inner creative potential, what is hindering their growth if at all.

Q7. How would you advice/suggest new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in business?

Work hard, Work hard, Work hard ... Play hard, Play hard.

Follow your dreams with passion. Believe in Yourself. Each one of us is Unique.

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